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From left to right (back row) are:
Assistant Coach Steve Panteluk, Jen Panteluk, Carrie Pigford, Suzy Daugela, Haley Quickfall, Coach Gary Frost, Torrie Fisher, mascot (Kirk Luciw)

From left to right (front row)
Ashleigh Ness, Jacqui Neilson, Linzee Haluszka, Heather Sibbald, Alissa Fownes

The Story

The outstanding TEAM spirit of Clymont prevails once again. Five of the ten athletes (as well as the two Coachs) live within a mile of Clymont Hall.

Despite their size (a full two inches shorter on average), the John Maland senior Wildcats started strong, with a basket in the first five seconds of the gold medal game. Both teams played very well, respecting the traditional north/south Alberta rivalry. At half time the 'Cats' were behind by 3 points but soon made up for that, starting out the second half with a couple of impressive baskets. Well into the game, the Calgary Christian Cougars called a couple of time outs in an attempt slow the pace and to rest/regroup, but the 'Cats' could taste the gold and were not to be denied. An impressive team effort to be sure. Congratulations from the Clymont membership to all.